Who We Are

Company Profile

Founded by Abdul Salam Mohammed Abu Issa in 1952, Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL) has evolved from humble roots as a small, family-run photographic retailer into a leading regional conglomerate. Building on a strong foundation created a discerning visionary, we are driven by a passion for excellence. We thrive on actively growing the company on behalf of our investors, employees and our community.

SIIL’s expertise across its different businesses enables us to deliver key solutions in the sectors and economies in which we operate. Throughout its evolution SIIL has established, incorporated or acquired several market-leading enterprises. These activities span a wide range of businesses, including in retail and distribution, technology, power and energy, contracting and trading and real estate.

The main force that propels SIIL forward is its people. Attracting, maintaining, developing and harnessing talent is one of our key objectives. The business is comprised of dedicated professionals, who are guided by the insights and knowledge inherited from our rich history of pioneering entrepreneurship and developed through over six decades of unwavering evolution. Our success is a direct result of their commitment and dedication.

Effectively listed in the Qatari Stock Exchange in 2002, SIIL is a financially conservative company, guided by deeply embedded shared values and with a disciplined and selective approach to investing in, managing and expanding its considerable assets. Our astute approach to business has enabled us to weather several economic downturns – and to seize lucrative opportunities during more favorable growth periods.

Always remaining true to our core identity, we strive to be the first to foresee the potential of prospective new businesses – and to recognize the abilities of our employees – and to be the best at developing and nurturing both of these. As a result, the SIIL boasts an impressive track record of founding innovative new enterprises and has earned a reputation as a home for fulfilled employees, exceptional performance, complete reliability and customer satisfaction.

Underpinning SIIL’s success is its broad-ranging yet unified approach to its business activities, which are horizontally, vertically and geographically diversified. Our primary aim is to create and deliver sustainable long-term value for all of our stakeholders. Led by an experienced and highly capable executive team, our focus is a carefully planned, results-driven corporate investment strategy, aimed at consistent growth and maximizing shareholder equity.