Investing In Salam

As per the company’s Corporate Strategy, SIIL adheres to a ‘Portfolio Investment Model’, which is aimed at maximizing shareholder value through direct and indirect investments.

A Qatari public shareholding company, our primary business activities encompass retail and distribution, technology, oil and gas, contracting and trading and real estate.

SIIL also boasts a wide ranging and diversified portfolio aimed at increasing value for our investors. The direct portfolio represents strategic investments by way of equity stakes in promising regional companies. Our indirect portfolio consists of broad-based equity shares in local, regional and international equity markets.

We welcome investors who are looking to for a stake in an insightful, profitable company, one where growth is the top priority and their interests are always put first.


The Salam Advantage

Our shareholders choose to invest in SIIL for several compelling reasons, including:

A Clear Corporate Strategy

Led by our Corporate Centre, the central focus of the company’s Corporate Strategy is the effective management of the investment of its capital and our investment portfolio is structured to generate multi-level protection for all of our shareholders.

A Highly Experienced and Competent Board of Directors, Executive Directors and Managing Directors

At SIIL, we are fortunate to be guided by an accomplished, dedicated and diverse Board of Directors, Executive Directors and Managing Directors, whose experience, expertise and wisdom ensures that the company remains faithful to its shareholders.

A Rich Heritage of Successful Entrepreneurism

SIIL has evolved from humble roots as a small, family-run photographic retailer into a leading regional conglomerate. We are driven by a passion for excellence – and thrive on actively growing the company on behalf of our investors.

Business and Geographical Diversity

SIIL owns and manages a wide array of enterprises in our four key areas of activity, operating across Qatar, the UAE, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan and Lebanon, with further expansion planned in the pan-Arab region and internationally.

Dedicated Professional Employees

Attracting, maintaining, developing and harnessing talent is one SIIL’s key objectives. The business is comprised of dedicated professionals, who are guided by the insights and knowledge inherited from our rich history of innovative entrepreneurship.

High Moral and Ethical Standards

SIIL approaches all of its businesses within a framework of clear principles and guidelines, which offer comprehensive rules and regulations addressing matters of integrity, corruption and set out the highest standards of professional conduct for all.

Transparency, Accountability and Profitability

As a public listed company, SIIL operates with complete transparency and the full disclosure of all necessary information to our shareholders, to whom we are always completely accountable.

We are continually focused on maximising profits and shareholder returns, making SIIL one of the most attractive companies for investors in the region


Please click on the links below to view or download the following:

Annual Report
2022 Annual Report pdf - 12.34 MB Download
2021 Annual Report pdf - 5.32 MB Download
2020 Annual Report pdf - 1.62 MB Download
2019 Annual Report pdf - 1.52 MB Download
2018 Annual Report pdf - 650.74 KB Download
2017 Annual Report pdf - 13.28 MB Download
2016 Annual Report pdf - 3.52 MB Download
2015 Annual Report pdf - 3.87 MB Download
2014 Annual Report pdf - 1.59 MB Download
Articles of Association
Amended - 2022 pdf - 5.29 MB Download
Amended - 2019 pdf - 4.51 MB Download
2019 pdf - 5.42 MB Download
2016 pdf - 1.72 MB Download
Auditors' Independent Assurance Report
Auditors' Independent Assurance Report on the Corporate Governance 2022 pdf - 261.30 KB Download
Auditors' Independent Assurance Report on the Corporate Governance 2021 pdf - 283.47 KB Download
Board Charter 2019 pdf - 1.27 MB Download
Company Profile
Salam International Company Profile pdf - 105.89 KB Download
Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance 2022 including KPMG's Independent Limited Assurance Report pdf - 2.37 MB Download
Corporate Governance 2021 (Revised) pdf - 725.74 KB Download
Corporate Governance 2021 pdf - 688.03 KB Download
Amended Corporate Governance 2020 - Management Assessment of Internal Control over Financial Reporting pdf - 240.71 KB Download
Corporate Governance 2020 pdf - 607.43 KB Download
Corporate Governance 2019 pdf - 454.39 KB Download
Corporate Governance 2018 pdf - 329.96 KB Download
Corporate Governance 2017 pdf - 1.28 MB Download
Corporate Governance 2016 pdf - 1.24 MB Download
Corporate Governance 2015 pdf - 925.35 KB Download
Corporate Governance 2014 pdf - 935.67 KB Download
Disclaimer - shares pdf - 640.83 KB Download
Financial Statements
3rd Quarter Financial Results 2023 pdf - 234.08 KB Download
2nd Quarter Financial Results 2023 pdf - 538.04 KB Download
1st Quarter Financial Statements 2023 pdf - 213.42 KB Download
2022 Financial Statement pdf - 5.05 MB Download
2021 Financial Statement pdf - 4.43 MB Download
2020 Financial Statement pdf - 4.46 MB Download
2019 Financial Statement pdf - 4.43 MB Download
2018 Financial Statement pdf - 4.09 MB Download
2017 Financial Statement pdf - 3.59 MB Download
2016 Financial Statement pdf - 3.71 MB Download
2015 Financial Statement pdf - 1.04 MB Download
General Assembly Meeting
Extraordinary General Assembly Invitation on Nov. 1 and Nov. 5, 2023 pdf - 329.93 KB Download
General Assembly Invitation on March 12, 2023 and Proxy form pdf - 354.58 KB Download
General Assembly Invitation on March 2022 pdf - 164.98 KB Download
General Assembly Invitation on March 2020 pdf - 433.52 KB Download
General Assembly Invitation on March 2018 pdf - 430.72 KB Download
General Assembly Invitation on March 2017 pdf - 430.61 KB Download
General Assembly Invitation on April 2019 pdf - 434.35 KB Download
IR Conference Call Presentations
Q3 2023 IR Conference Call Presentation pdf - 315.34 KB Download
Q2 2023 IR Conference Call Presentation pdf - 311.66 KB Download
Q1 2023 IR Conference Call Presentation pdf - 324.59 KB Download
Q4 2022 IR Conference Call Presentation pdf - 265.74 KB Download
Q3 2022 IR Conference Call Presentation pdf - 329.19 KB Download
Q2 2022 IR Conference Call Presentation pdf - 352.09 KB Download
Q1 2022 IR Conference Call Presentation pdf - 430.08 KB Download
Qatar Stock Exchange - Memo 2019
Memo 2019 - Stock Splitting pdf - 522.01 KB Download
Timetable for Stock Splitting Process - 2019 pdf - 158.46 KB Download
Salam International CR No. 20363 (11June2024) and computer card (21Nov23)
Salam International CR No. 20363 (11June2024) pdf - 257.52 KB Download
Salam International computer card (11Nov2023) pdf - 461.20 KB Download
The Emiri Decree
Emiri Decree pdf - 44.63 KB Download

Investor FAQ

Are there any quarter or bi-annual profits?

SIIL only records annual profits, according to the Board of Directors suggestion, and as approved by the General Assembly on Profits Proportion.

When can the shareholder access his/her profits?

After last trading day has closed, prior to General Assembly Meeting, or according to the Board of Directors suggestions, which are approved by the General Assembly.

When are the profits distributed?

As per the General Assembly approval.

Where are Salam shares being traded?

Salam shares are traded at the Doha Securities Market.

When is the General Assembly Meeting usually held?

During the first four months of the new financial year.

What procedures are followed for share trading at the Doha Securities Market

The procedures are as follows:

The process of buying and selling shares is done exclusively through one of the markets. Salam will not be involved with the selling or purchase of shares, on behalf of the shareholders or non-shareholders.

Shareholders who wish to either sell or purchase shares have to complete the documentation necessary for the selling or purchasing of original shares, depending on their requirement. The documentation must include the name of the shareholder, the number of shares he/she wants to sell or purchase, the price of buying or selling, and the name of the company he/she wants to sell/ purchase, and the order must be signed.

If the shareholder wants to sell, he/she needs to show his/her account number and the bank he/she is dealing with, in order to transfer the net value of the shares being sold to the mentioned account. (It is also necessary that the shareholder's signature is confirmed by the bank he/she is dealing with).

The order of selling or buying is sent after completing the forms, signing, and signature ratification, attached with ID or passport copy, to an accredited brokerage company in one of the two markets. For more information on the approved brokerage companies, please visit:

Doha Securities website:

After the completion of the documentation, the sale process is carried out according to the rate as at the sale date; this rate is determined by supply and demand. After the deduction of mediator commission and financial market commission from sale value, the mediator will transfer the net sale value of the shares to the shareholder account, indicated in the order of sale, and the shareholder seller will pay transfer fees. Note that there is a high and low specific rate in each market.

The timing of shares dealing at the Doha Securities Market is: 9:00 to 11:30 am, Sunday to Thursday except on official holidays in Qatar.

How can one access the SIIL Financial Statements?

You can visit or the Doha Securities Market website.

Who are the companies auditor's for accounts?

The General Assembly appoints the company's auditors for accounts for a period of one year, and may re-appoint the person again, provided that is does not exceed a period of five years of continuous recruitment. The appointed auditor has to be registered in the relevant ministry.

How can i inquire and get more information?

+974 44830439, +974 44838733
Fax: +974 44833576

When are the financial statements announced?

The company disseminates the following financial statements reports during the mentioned periods:

Financial statements for the first quarter: to be announced and disseminated in three weeks following the end of the first quarter of the year.

Financial statements for the second quarter (bi-annual): to be announced and disseminated in 45 days followed by the end of the first six months of the relevant year.

Financial statements for the third quarter: to be announced and disseminated in the three weeks following the end of third quarter of the year.

Financial statements for the forth quarter (final statements): to be announced and disseminated in three months following the end of the relevant year.

Have there been indivisible shares before?

Shares division is not a system that Doha Securities Market works with.

When does the financial year of SIIL end?

On the 31st of December of each year.

What is the proper time to sell or buy?

The company is not allowed to provide advice or recommendations on the process of buying or selling, ask your financial consultant or your mediator in the market.

What is Salam code at the Doha Securities Market?

The Salam International code at the Doha Securities Market is: (SIIS).

Are there certificates of shares?

No certificate will be issued for shares, as the shares restricted to the records of the Doha Securities Market; here you can request a shareholder account, which is considered a formal document.

What are companies owned by SIIL?

Salam International owns 100% of the following companies:

Salam Industries Qatar

Qatar Gardens Qatar

Salam Technology Qatar

Stream & Industrial Engineering Qatar

Alunasa Qatar

International Trading & Contracting Company Qatar

Salam Petroleum Services Qatar

Salam Enterprises Qatar

Salam Studio & Stores Qatar

Gulf Steel & Engineering Qatar

Salam Globex Qatar

Qatari German Switchgear Qatar

Alunasa UAE

Salam Enterprises UAE

Atelier 21 UAE

Modern Decoration UAE

Salam Studio & Stores UAE

Salam Studio & Stores Oman

In addition, Salam has many direct investments and corporate enterprises in many Arab countries, including Jordan, UAE, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Salam also owns 70.78% of Salam Bounian development's capital.

What are the conditions of council membership?

He must not have been convicted of any criminal penalty or dishonest or in the Secretariat of the crimes referred to in Articles (324), (325) of Law No. (5) Of 2002 (Business Companies Law).

He must own at least (10.000) ten thousand shares of the company's shares.
There should not be any violation of the provisions of the article (97) of Law No. (5) of 2002 (Business Companies Law).

Appointed members:
Everyone owns a rate of (10%) of the company's shares, has the right to be a member of the company's board, or to appoint a representative of him, although if he was not on of the shareholders.

Everyone has multipliers of the percentage (10%) of the company's shares; he has the right to appoint his representative in the membership of the Council, even if he was not one of the shareholders, as (10%) of the company's shares for each appointed person, including the owner.

What is the overall company's strategy?

Corporate Strategy

Governed by the Corporate Centre, SIIL’s Corporate Strategy aims to create maximum value for its shareholders by facilitating investment within our own business activities, as well as the allocation of funds for further investments, both direct and indirect.

As one of SIIL’s key profit-generating streams, our investment portfolio is structured to generate multi-level protection for our shareholders through business diversification and geographical spread.

The SIIL Corporate Strategy takes into account current market economic conditions in its capital allocation, both within and outside of our own umbrella of companies. The Corporate Strategy adheres to a ‘Portfolio Investment Model’, which is aimed at maximizing shareholder value.

Our direct portfolio takes the form of equity stakes in promising regional companies, while our indirect portfolio consists of broad-based equity shares in local, regional and international equity markets.

Company financial results are also audited annually as well as assessed on a quarterly basis. Reviewing all available data enables the Corporate Center to make regular informed decisions on both internal and external investments as the representative of shareholders, such as whether to remain committed to a particular activity or investment, reinvest further or divest from it altogether.

Mission and Vision


To consistently promote sustained growth and continued profitability through the effective deployment of capital resources. To develop and execute corporate strategies that prioritize building and sustaining shareholder value. To conduct our business activities in an ethical and honest manner that meets and exceeds our customers’ needs. To become the regional partner of choice for our suppliers and be committed to developing our people and serving the communities in which we operate.


To fulfill our potential and continually evolve by creating value, growing our businesses through excellence.

Who are Board of Director's members?

Mr. Issa Abu Issa – Chairman

Mr. Hussam Abu Issa – Vice Chairman

HE Sheikh Nawaf Bin Nasser Bin Khaled Al Thani – Board Member

HE Sheikh Thani Bin Ali Bin Saud Al Thani - Board Member

Mr. Nasser Suleiman H M Al Haider - Board Member

Mr. Bassam A. Salam Abu Issa - Board Member

Mr. Bader Bin Ali Al Sada - Board Member

Mr. Abdul Salam Issa Abu Issa - Board Member and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ali Haider Suleiman Al Haider - Board Member

Dr. Adnan Ali Steitieh – Secretary to the Board

How can someone amend or change the shareholder's address?

Visit Doha Securities Market website:

Click the application form (as shown below), fill the form and send it to the market.

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2. Companies
3. DSM 20 Index
4. Education
5. Legal Transfers
6. Publications
7. Trading Procedures
8. Application Form
10. Financial Statements
11. Profit/Loss
12. Financial Indicators
13. Right Issues

Are there any taxes on profits or free shares?

This is related to tax legislation in Qatar. For the time being dividends are exempt from income tax. The company is committed to follow any new legislation that maybe issued in Qatar.

Will the company transfer profits to shareholders living outside Qatar?

Yes, but the shareholder must pay transfer fees, so he/she should fill an application with his/her bank account number, name of the bank, and the name of the beneficiary.

How much is the SIIL capital? And what is the number of its shares?

The SIIL fully paid capital is QR 1,143,145,870 divided into 114,314,587 shares.

What was the profit proportion during previous years?

• 6% cash in 2002.
• 7% cash in 2003.
• 10% free shares in 2004.
• 8% cash in 2005.
• 10% cash in 2006.
• 12.5 free shares in 2007.

Does the company give cash profits or free shares?

The profits proportion and nature of it is determined according to the financial results, depending on the Board of director's suggestions, approved by General Assembly.