Strategy & Development


Governed by the Corporate Center, SIIL’s Corporate Strategy aims to create maximum value for its shareholders by facilitating investment within our own business activities, as well as the allocation of funds for further investments, both direct and indirect.

In developing our medium and long term planning within our own business activities, the Corporate Center follows strict internal guidelines in order to set ambitious but highly achievable financial goals.

The Corporate Strategy then requires each SIIL business activity – contracting and trading, retail and distribution, real estate, and investment – to commit to multiyear strategic plans aimed at achieving these financial objectives.

As each business is grouped by activity, our operations are streamlined, maximising asset utilisation, driving efficiency and allowing the business to achieve excellence across all of its main activities to enhance profitability.

The results of each business activity are measured by setting rigorous corporate controls in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are regularly analysed to provide managers a clear path toward meeting their goals.

Company financial results are also audited annually as well as assessed on a quarterly basis. Reviewing all available data enables the Corporate Center to make regular informed decisions on both internal and external investments as the representative of shareholders, such as whether to remain committed to a particular activity or investment, reinvest further or divest from it altogether.

Strategic Business Development

While the primary focus of SIIL is to invest in its own business activities, the company is also continually scanning the environment to identify further investment opportunities, particularly in new business concepts and novel start-ups.

Underpinned by our international ambition, our philosophy is also to further build our market share by expanding into these new markets and innovative new business sectors and business models, through direct and indirect investment, joint ventures and global business partnerships.

Through its Corporate Strategy, SIIL takes a focused approach to its strategic business development, one that is embedded progressive business practices and seeks to invest in continuous innovation in order to reap future profits.