Who We Are

Company Structure

At SIIL, we are fortunate to be guided by an accomplished, dedicated and diverse Board of Directors, whose expertise and wisdom ensures that the company remains faithful to its shareholders.

Led by Chairman Issa AbdulSalam Abu Issa, Vice Chairman Hussam AbdulSalam Abu Issa, and Chief Executive Officer AbdulSalam Issa Abu Issa, our Board of Directors is comprised of executive and independent members with extensive experience across a wide range of business sectors.

The Board of Directors sets the key objectives for the business, and is reported to by the CEO. The CEO is reported to by a tier of trusted senior management executives who are responsible for achieving optimal performance across all of our functions and businesses respectively.

SIIL has adopted a progressive and modern approach to its corporate structure, which comprises two main components, the Corporate Center and the main business activities: Retail and Distribution, Contracting and Trading, Real Estate, and Investment. Overall, our investment strategy is 100% focused on building value for our investors.

SIIL company structure